About Your Team

Alesya - Registered Dental Hygienist

Alesya brings light and joy to each day. She loves to advocate for her patients. We love her thirst for learning! She's been a part of our dental family from her beginnings as a dental assistant through her journey in hygiene school. Now we are excited to welcome her to our hygiene team. Patient care is her number one priority!

Jill - Practice Manager of Operations

For more than fifteen years, Jill has been the steadfast rock of SmileMakers. While working behind the scenes on administrative duties, she continues to exhibit the finest qualities of leadership and steadfast dedication to our team and practice. Her contributions are invaluable!

Sheila Kate - Registered Dental Hygienist

Sheila (aka Sheila Kate) will make you laugh each and every day. Her genuine enthusiasm for life and passion for patient care quickly have made her a fan favorite. With a BA in English, Sheila's communication skills guide patients through each appointment and help them understand their treatment plan. A people-person by nature, you'll think you've known her for life within minutes of the start of your appointment.

Whitney - Registered Dental Hygienist

Teamwork is Whitney's middle name! She has a huge, kind heart and genuinely values each and every patient interaction. Her dental experience is extensive - she's done it all for us, from assisting to labwork and hygiene. A dedicated patient educator, Whitney values a healthy smile and provides care with a gentle touch.

Yana - Dental Assistant

Yana is a highly trained dental assistant in a variety of areas: restorative, cosmetic, implants, and sedation. Not only does she value high quality work, she's fast, too! She works circles around many of us. She is a joy to work with and we're glad she's part of our team.

Klavdiya - Registered Dental Hygienist

Klavdiya is a quick thinker and a lifelong learner. Her patients value her understanding of all things dental and her desire for each and every person to have a smile that will last them for a lifetime.

Autumn - Registered Dental Hygienist

Autumn is an incredibly knowledgeable hygienist, utilizing her experience and education to ensure each patient not only receives the highest quality care, but also understands what's going on with their individual oral health plan.  She builds rapport and trust quickly with teammates and patients alike.

Cindy - Business Assistant

Fun, quirky, confident - these all describe Cindy! Cindy loves people and it shows, from her very first greeting to the very end of the appointment. When you work with Cindy, you'll feel like you have a friend and advocate.

Alex - Dental Assistant

Energy and joy bubble out of Alex each and every day, while she works with patients and provides exceptional patient care. As a mother of two beautiful little girls, Alex knows how to juggle responsibilities at home and work. She takes care of patients with the same care she would her own family. She's confident, quick, and fun, plus she brings bilingual skills to our clinical team and we're grateful she's part of our dental family.

Sheila - Dental Assistant

Sheila is our heart! Our ringleader for over 25 years, nothing compares with her compassion for others and her commitment to patient care. Her brain is a steel trap of information, both clinical and personal. She cares so deeply about each and every one of her patients and team members. We are blessed to have her!