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Gum Recontouring

Gum Recontouring

Gums that rest too low on the teeth can cause a smile to appear uneven. If you have a “gummy smile” and are unhappy with its appearance, gum recontouring can be performed to correct the shape of the gum tissue.

The Procedure

  • Gum recontouring is a cosmetic procedure that is done to remove excess gum tissue and improve the appearance of a person’s smile.
  • During the procedure: A local anesthetic is applied prior to the surgery so that there is minimal pain or discomfort. A soft tissue laser is used to quickly and gently trim and reshape the gum tissue.
  • The entire procedure usually takes about an hour or less and is done in-office.

For questions about gum recontouring surgery or to schedule a consultation, please contact our office.

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Questions and Answers


What can cause my gums to not be in the right place?

Crowded or crooked teeth, gum disease, overgrowth of bone and genetics are some of the reasons that gums are not in the best spot.

How is a gum reshaping procedure performed?

When the gum tissue and bone structure are healthy, all that may be required is to contour the gum tissue to a more esthetically balanced appearance. This procedure has become much easier and predictable with the innovation of a soft tissue diode laser. The tissue heals very quickly with very little discomfort. In cases of really gummy smiles, it may be necessary to remove a small amount of bone as well to show more teeth and less gums.

How important is reshaping the gums?

It allows us to make perfectly proportional teeth and to have them at the right level. It also eliminates the excessive gum that you see when you smile. The foundational tissues and their appearance is as important as the teeth themselves.