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Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy

Sirona Dental Laser at your Harrisonburg dentist

Dental lasers are utilized for a variety of treatments and procedures, including several therapeutic applications. It is a safe, precise and effective way to treat a specific area of the mouth without damaging surrounding tissue. For procedures that may cause some pain and discomfort, lasers can be used to treat the area, reducing pain and speeding up recovery time.

The wavelengths of each laser are different, allowing an appropriate level of power for each type of treatment. Laser therapy can be used to treat dental issues including:

Questions and Answers

What are the benefits of laser dentistry?

There are numerous benefits, including minimizing the need for stitches and anesthesia in some procedures; limiting bleeding, damage to surrounding tissue, and bacterial infections; and decreasing anxiety during treatment and recovery time.

What procedures are performed with the laser?

Too many to list! The laser replaces the scalpel in surgeries and provides a bloodless area to work, resulting in much faster healing and less post-operative pain and swelling. In gum therapy, the laser kills all the bacteria and can reduce periodontal pockets, eliminating the need for surgery. In cosmetic procedures, the laser removes gum tissue with exact precision. Lasers can also be used to reduce sensitivity around crowns and areas of recession. The list goes on!

What training is required to use the laser?

Laser certification is recommended and continued education to learn expanded procedures is a necessity. Dr. Greg Johnson and both our hygienists, Michele and Whitney, have been certified for the Diode laser.

Talk to your dentist for more information on how dental lasers can be used to treat and relieve pain associated with any of the above issues.